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Virtual Workforce Assessment Network (V-WAN) from Colorado State University’s Department of Psychology

Colorado State University’s Department of Psychology has developed an interactive career assessment tool to be used by Colorado’s community college students. The Website will help students find occupations that suit their personalities and choose courses to prepare them for careers in those fields. O*NET data, as well as O*NET Career Exploration Tools, are key components of the assessment tool. The program is called the Virtual Workforce Assessment Network (V-WAN) and is supported by an award from the U.S. Department of Education. The project is also creating a database of participant information which has potential for long-term research. As participants leave community colleges and find employment, they can opt to stay in the database, providing researchers with data for longitudinal studies. Researchers may investigate topics such as which human attributes (values, interests, abilities, etc.) are the strongest predictors of making satisfying career choices.