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CareerJournal.com from Wall Street Journal external site

CareerJournal.com, the Wall Street JournalExecutive Career Site, conducted a study designed to identify the “best careers,” those occupations for which workers report a high degree of satisfaction. CareerJournal contracted the polling firm Harris Interactive to survey workers about their jobs, whether they were satisfied, and what job qualities contributed to their satisfaction. Four factors emerged for jobs held by highly satisfied workers: intellectual stimulation, strong job security, high level of control and freedom of action, and extensive direct contact with customers or clients. After identifying the common factors reported by highly satisfied workers, CareerJournal used occupational data in the O*NET database, looking for O*NET occupations with high ratings related to three of the four contributing factors. (Job security was evaluated with BLS employment projections.) CareerJournal identified eight occupations providing the most satisfying work experience:

  • curriculum and instructional coordinators,
  • high school special education teachers,
  • hospital and clinic managers,
  • management consultants and analysts,
  • medical researchers,
  • physical therapists,
  • sales, marketing, and advertising managers, and
  • social workers, counselors, and related managers.