O*NET® Products at Work

Profiles International (PI) external site

Profiles International (PI) is one of several assessment companies that incorporates O*NET data in customized workforce development tools for public- and private-sector use. PI’s products are designed to help businesses improve their hiring practices, reduce turnover rates and costs, and enhance workforce harmony and performance. O*NET information is used extensively with the company’s clients, including a number of public workforce agencies. In PI’s system, job seekers begin with an assessment of their “soft skills,” such as job behavioral traits, thinking style, and occupational interests. Their results are matched to O*NET occupations and presented in a Career Compatibility Report. The report lists occupations that may be a good fit, explains how to use O*NET OnLine to obtain more information about the occupations, and explains the results of the assessment. PI sets up private Web sites for its clients on which managers can post their job openings and screen for suitable applicants. In addition, the site describes O*NET OnLine and how to use O*NET information in drafting position descriptions and in other human resources activities. This resource is especially helpful to small and mid-size companies without large human resources departments or formal position descriptions.