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O*NET® Products at Work

The U.S. Department of Labor, Employment and Training Administration introduced the Occupational Information Network (O*NET) to the public in 1998. Since that time, its impact on workforce development, career counseling, educational programming and human resource activities has quickly expanded, both in the U.S. and around the world. O*NET Products at Work provides examples of the widespread use of O*NET OnLine, the O*NET database, the Toolkit for Business, and the O*NET Career Exploration Tools.

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Aid in designing instruction

To obtain a more comprehensive understanding of the plumbing craft especially in the detail field and what must be emphasized in a plumbing course of study. In conjunction with Holland's Personality Type Test was able to accurately determine the personality type of students in the plumbing class. This information was also useful for researching student's vocational plumbing identity.

NKOKA external site

NKOKA is a small technician training institution focused on training in a very specialized and technical environment in South Africa. This company used O*NET data related to the occupation Electronics Technicians to structure their training programs.

The Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) external site

The Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA), a government agency attached to the Philippine Department of Labor and Employment, has employed the O*NET Ability Profiler in its aptitude assessments of hundreds of thousands of high school students. In addition, TESDA distributed the O*NET Computerized Interest Profiler to regional, provincial, and district offices, as well as to their training institutions, as part of their e-Profiling program, targeting out-of-school youth, career shifters, course shifters, and unemployed adults.

U21Global external site

U21Global is an internationally recognized online graduate school, backed by a network of 21 leading universities in 11 countries. Included in the list of participating universities are Lund University in Sweden, Korea University in South Korea, Tecnológico de Monterrey in Mexico, and the University of Melbourne in Australia. U21Global students come from 60 countries in Asia, Africa, Europe, and the Americas. U21Global’s MBA program has been awarded the European Foundation for Management Development (EFMD) accreditation for technology-enhanced Learning (CEL). U21Global offers an Operations Management course which links students to the O*NET OnLine summary report for General and Operations Managers.


CANEDCOM, a Canadian international education development company based in Toronto, is working to install a Career and Vocational Guidance System for the Ministry of Education in Oman in the Middle East. They are using the O*NET Interest Profiler as part of their project to provide career guidance services for high school students, college and vocational training center graduates, and other job seekers. After pilot tests resulted in dissatisfaction with other assessments, CANEDCOM selected the O*NET Interest Profiler because it is an “internationally accepted instrument that has been tested for reliability and validity.” The features that are most desirable for their purposes are:

  • compatibility with Holland's R-I-A-S-E-C interest structure,
  • rich and extensive research history, widely accepted and used by counselors,
  • easy to use and well received by clients,
  • interest items represent a broad variety of occupations and complexity levels,
  • extensive and thorough development effort,
  • client input during all stages,
  • construct validity and reliability evidence, and
  • self-administered and self-interpreted assessment.

CareerDecisionMaker ® (CDM) external site from E-Career Guidance.Com, Ltd. (ECG) external site

E-Career Guidance.Com, Ltd. (ECG) is an Irish company that provides vocational and career counseling services. They developed an online career exploration tool, the CareerDecisionMaker® (CDM), which assesses a client’s standing on variables from four domains: vocational interests, work values, personality, and skills. The client’s score profile is matched to score profiles for occupations. The occupations having profiles that correspond most closely to the client’s profile are presented as career options that the client might explore. ECG linked the CDM to the O*NET database and its occupations from the Standard Occupational Classification (SOC). Scores from two of the CDM domains link directly to O*NET data for Interests and Work Values. The CDM skills and personality domains, however, differ from the O*NET Skills and Work Styles domains (i.e., they are based on different taxonomies). ECG contracted with Human Resources Research Organization (HumRRO) to develop skills and personality profiles for O*NET’s SOC occupations that are commensurate with the CDM skills and personality profiles. In addition, HumRRO devised a profile matching algorithm that permits use of the entire four-domain CDM profile to identify promising career options for ECG’s clients. All project activities (e.g., development of stimulus materials for O*NET analysts, summary of personality ratings provided by O*NET analysts, data analysis, development of the profile-matching algorithm) are documented in a technical report (McCloy, Byrum, Munoz, & Tsacoumis,2006).

A developer in India wrote to O*NET Customer Service with the following remarks: “I am interested in the copy of software codes of the career exploration tools - Computerized Interest Profiler (CIP), Ability Profiler (AP) and Work Importance Profiler (WIP). As a counselor, I have been working in the field of education and career guidance for a number of years in Chandigarh (Northern part of India). I have plans to launch a career planning and development website to streamline and expand my business operations. I intend to adapt these tools with my system, so that I may be able to use it to help students make an ideal career choice to match their interests and values.”

NKOKA external site

NKOKA is a small technician training institution focused on training in a very specialized and technical environment in South Africa. This company is using O*NET data related to the occupation Electronics Technicians to structure their training programs.