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O*NET® Products at Work

The U.S. Department of Labor, Employment and Training Administration introduced the Occupational Information Network (O*NET) to the public in 1998. Since that time, its impact on workforce development, career counseling, educational programming and human resource activities has quickly expanded, both in the U.S. and around the world. O*NET Products at Work provides examples of the widespread use of O*NET OnLine, the O*NET database, the Toolkit for Business, and the O*NET Career Exploration Tools.

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Career guidance in India based on O*NET and cultural variables external site from external site

A career intervention was conceived based on O*NET for use in India. The intervention orientated career decision makers based on the O*NET’s taxonomy and navigated them to suitable careers based on a multi trait assessment based on the worker characteristics data in O*NET database. In an empirical evaluation with post-graduate management students effectiveness of the career intervention in reducing career decision-making difficulties was presented. Cultural variables were also explored which offered insights on O*NET's usage in a different culture.

The Mentor external site from Penn State Division of Undergraduate Studies external site

In its academic advising journal, The Mentor, the Pennsylvania State University Division of Undergraduate Studies describes O*NET OnLine as a valuable academic advising tool. It explains use of the Occupation Quick Search to find occupations related to specific academic disciplines. For example, a student or advisor can type in “psychology major” to return a list of occupations rank-ordered by relevance to that discipline. Use of O*NET OnLine is also applied to the Bates “Ask Questions” activity, in which students are asked questions about their favorite and least-favorite classes, favorite pastimes, and length of time they are willing to go to school. Responses to these questions provide the basis for O*NET OnLine searches, which can produce occupation results based on students’ course preferences, education-level preferences, personal styles, or values.

Texas Cares external site from Texas Workforce Commission/Career Development Resources external site

Texas Cares was developed by the Texas Workforce Commission/Career Development Resources (TWC/CDR) to help dislocated workers transition to new careers. The system includes O*NET Career Exploration Tools, Texas labor market information and integrates skills standards and job analyses to meet the needs of the business community. external site from Uplytics Consulting Pvt Ltd. external site is researching and building an analytic based framework that is built on O*NET and which can enhance the decision support it provides. One of the main goals is the adoption of O*NET in an International and multi cultural context especially for use in emerging economies (like India) where minimal research exists in career and education related decision making.

Perfila external site from Geatecnologia external site

Geatecnologia offers Career Assessment in Spanish to students, and professionals. Most users are in Guatemala. O*NET tools are used to explore careers, and teach users how to make the best use of all the information available at O*NET. Responses are also connected to the World of Work Map. The Career Exploration is a tool for users of PERFILA, a career management platform for students looking for Internships, bringing together companies, professors, and students.

Career Direct® Complete Guidance System external site from Crown Financial Ministries external site

Career Direct® Complete Guidance System from Crown Financial Ministries has bee O*NET data ever since it became available on CD-ROM. Its use of O*NET information has been integrated more directly with the guidance system since Career Direct went online a few years ago. Career Direct is a self-administered personality, skills, abilities, interests, and work/life values career guidance system. Because many of the system’s users have job titles with a religious element, Career Direct created a crosswalk, translating religious job titles to the closest O*NET occupations. This is similar to using the O*NET Code Connector between Military Occupational Codes and O*NET occupational codes. The system guides the user into exploring O*NET occupations that most closely align with their talents and personal goals.

Automated Advisor external site from Center for Research on Education in Science, Mathematics, Engineering and Technology (CRESMET) external site

CRESMET is the Center for Research on Education in Science, Mathematics, Engineering and Technology at Arizona State University. CRESMET developed the Automated Advisor, an online tool that connects students’ results from the O*NET Computerized Interest Profiler and Work Importance Profiler to related O*NET-SOC occupations. The Automated advisor also directs students to related programs and schools.

Senior Community Service Employment Program (SCSEP) external site from Experience Works external site

Experience Works is a national, charitable, community-based organization and the nation’s leading provider of training, employment, and community service for low-income older people. The primary program offered by Experience Works is the Senior Community Service Employment Program (SCSEP). This program, funded in part under Title V of the Older Americans Act, provides help to thousands of low-income individuals age 55 and older. Seniors benefit from training, counseling, and community service assignments at faith-based and community organizations prior to transitioning into the workforce. At Experience Works in Nebraska, O*NET information is used to create employment plans. Using O*NET OnLine, seniors can research job requirements, match requirements with their skills, define skill gaps, explore related occupations, and get help writing resumes.

Ohio Career Information System (OCIS) external site

The Ohio Career Information System (OCIS) provides accurate, comprehensive, current, and relevant occupational information to four target groups: middle-schoolers, high-schoolers, college students, and adult/agency users. Each version of the system is tailored to the needs of the specific group. This well-designed Web site includes special features, such as Spanish translations of the O*NET Interest Profiler and Work Importance Locator. Highlights include information on O*NET New and Emerging occupations, such as Music Therapists and Nanotechnologists, and occupational interviews with interview questions on how the occupation is going “green.”

ORCA, the Occupational Researcher's Computer Assist ant external site from State of Wa shington Employment Security Department external site

ORCA, the Occupational Researcher's Computer Assistant, a computer application was distributed by the State of Washington Employment Security Department to workforce development professionals. Occupational information featured in ORCA was extracted from O*NET. By combining an existing FoxPro software program with the O*NET database, the ORCA Team was able to deploy the new system at minimal cost, in record time. The program helped users to develop career options and generates a complete career development plan.

Personal Success & Leadership Workshop external site from The Personal Success & Leadership Institute external site

The Personal Success & Leadership Institute has developed the Personal Success & Leadership Workshop. This free service was created primarily for high school students, but is also available online to any adult who wishes to chart a path to success. The career exploration portion of the workshop uses the O*NET Interest Profiler as well as other links to O*NET Web sites. external site from Workforce Solutions Alamo and the Alamo Colleges external site

In Texas, Workforce Solutions Alamo and the Alamo Community Colleges use My Next Move and My Next Move for Veterans in their virtual career and placement center, Visitors navigate the center from virtual room to room, accessing career exploration, job search, and educational resources to guide them in their choice of job or career. The virtual Career Assessment Lab features My Next Move as a career exploration resource. In the Veterans Services Room, users may access My Next Move for Veterans to guide them in their transition to the civilian workforce.

Lehigh Carbon Community College external site

Lehigh Carbon Community College in Pennsylvania has a federal demonstration grant to coordinate and develop curricula in three areas in nanotechnology at the postsecondary level and in two areas at the secondary level. Working primarily with Lehigh Career and Technical Institute, project staff find O*NET OnLine a handy, practical tool for faculty at both institutions. It offers an ideal starting point for occupational research essential to creating programs that respond to contemporary business and industry needs and that 11 contribute to talent development. O*NET OnLine provides detailed descriptions of occupations, including Semiconductor Processors, which is related to nanofabrication. Researchers used the tasks, activities, and other elements for this occupation as a basis for further research and discussions with industry experts and representatives. In addition, it was a good starting point for developing task statements that teachers could turn into performance objectives for courses. Moreover, project staff could identify and obtain detailed descriptions of other occupations related to those that they already target and that could become part of the new training. The use of O*NET OnLine is also recommended for reviewing existing secondary and postsecondary programs.

LifeWorks external site from National Institutes of Health’s Office of Science Education external site

Health and medical science career exploration with LifeWorks™ is accomplished through an interactive career development Web site operated by the National Institutes of Health’s Office of Science Education. Driven by O*NET data, the LifeWorks search engine, or Career Finder, offers an array of information on more than 100 health and medical science careers. Staff designed the Web site for middle school and high school students, parents, mentors, teachers, and guidance counselors. As a first step, students scan a list of O*NET Job Families and select the ones that most interest them. Second, they identify the kinds of jobs that suit their interests, using the O*NET interest categories. Third, they select skills they have or want to acquire. The Career Finder then generates a customized list of health-related careers, with brief descriptions, matching the students’ selections. By clicking on a title, students can view job-specific information on the summary page. If they like, they can access details about the occupation, including employment outlook, salary, suggested high school courses, related careers, and more.

Temple University’s Center for Professional Develop ment in Career and Technical Education external site

Temple University’s Center for Professional Development in Career and Technical Education in Pennsylvania supports professional growth and l earning among all levels of educators who work with career-bound students. The center offers certification and degree programs for secondary career and technical education teachers, curriculum supervisors, cooperative education coordinators, and career and technical school directors in the 17 counties of eastern Pennsylvania. Center faculty and staff incorporate O*NET OnLine in their courses on program planning and evaluation, curriculum development, and cooperative education. They also use it as an aid in structuring occupational competency assessment committee reviews. With its wealth of data on occupations, O*NET OnLine provides a reliable and readily accessible resource for planning and evaluating programs and developing curricula in career and technical education.

Virginia Education Wizard external site from Virginia Education Wizard external site

The Virginia Education Wizard, a Web site launched in March 2009, was developed by Virginia’s community colleges to bring together information about careers, curriculum, and financial assistance. The site provides adaptations of the O*NET Interest Profiler and the O*NET Work Importance Locator to help students find suitable careers and educational programs that match their selections. The Web site also offers O*NET occupational descriptions to students exploring career options. The community college system hopes the site will encourage more adults to pursue higher education in high- growth career fields.

Career Coach external site from Women Employed external site

Women Employed,a national advocate for women's economic advancement, developed Career Coach, a free online career development tool that helps adults explore career options, define career goals, identify education and training resources, and make step-by-step plans to reach their goals. The Web-based program provides users with occupational data available from the O*NET database. It also provides an online version of the O*NET Interest Profiler.

AZCIS external site from Arizona Department of Education external site

AZCIS is a career information system offered by the Arizona Department of Education. The Web site provides education, career, and occupation information to middle school, high school, college, and adult students in both English and Spanish formats. The O*NET career tools and database are essential components of the career exploration process offered by AZCIS.

The National External Diploma Program (NEDP) external site

The National External Diploma Program (NEDP) is a program of the Comprehensive Adult Student Assessment Systems (CASAS) which provides assessment and evaluation systems for adult education and workforce programs in the public and private sector. NEDP is a unique way for adult students to earn a high school diploma. Students who have acquired many of their high school level abilities through work, family, and community experiences can complete a high school diploma, opening the way to postsecondary education and improved employment options. In July 2010, the National External Diploma Program (NEDP) selected the O*NET Career Exploration Tools as the only official occupational tools for use by its students. Students using the career tools receive results correlated to the up-to-date, detailed, and comprehensive occupational information provided by the O*NET database.

New York CareerZone external site from New York State Department of Labor external site

Designed by the State Department of Labor, the New York CareerZone Web site is an O*NET delivery system that has revolutionized the way New Yorkers access career information. The NYCareerZone system is now a statewide resource for teachers, counselors, and career center staff. The system engages students and job seekers in career exploration and helps them develop their skills in career planning. Users build electronic portfolios linked to state learning objectives and O*NET-SOC occupational information. NYCareerZone developers incorporated the O*NET Interest Profiler and Skills Search capabilities into the portfolios to help students identify their interests and relate these interests to appropriate career possibilities. Using job profiles drawn from the O*NET database, students can explore specific occupations. The profiles include state-specific wage and outlook information related to the O*NET-SOC occupations and include a link to a state college database.

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