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Frequently Asked Questions

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What features does O*NET OnLine offer?

O*NET OnLine has the following functions and features:

  • Interactive web access to all the occupational information in the O*NET Database
  • Web-based means new data, features, and functionality can be added without the user buying or downloading updates
  • Printable reports for the occupation of interest
  • Skills Search feature allows users to search for occupations that utilize selected skills
  • Crosswalks from O*NET-SOC to other classification systems
  • Accommodation features and information to assist in counseling people with disabilities in using O*NET OnLine
  • Enhanced search capabilities and features based largely on suggestions from O*NET OnLine users
  • Context-sensitive OnLine Help provides ready descriptions and explanations of site content and function
As a teacher, how can I incorporate O*NET OnLine into my Career Planning course?

Students can benefit from the wealth of easily accessible career information in O*NET OnLine. They can explore characteristics of workers and of the work in the 900+ occupations in the O*NET Database. Links are provided to labor market and wage information. The O*NET Career Exploration Tools are also useful components of a career planning program, giving students insight into their own occupational interests, values, and abilities. These tools provide users with scores that link to occupations they may explore further in O*NET OnLine. Other career information delivery systems that use O*NET data or products are identified with the "O*NET in it" logo.

As a counselor, how can I incorporate O*NET OnLine into my career counseling program?

Through O*NET OnLine, counselors have easy access to in-depth information on the 900+ occupations found within the U.S. economy. The O*NET Database provides information such as skills, abilities, interests, and work values, as well as links to labor market and wage information. O*NET Online includes a variety of search tools that provide clients with a choice of windows through which to identify occupations they might want to further explore, including: Career Clusters, Job Zones, STEM occupations, Job Families, and Tools and Technology. The Skills Search feature of O*NET OnLine generates a list of occupations that require a range of skills similar to their own. Crosswalks included within O*NET Online allow a counselor to help clients make transitions from other systems, such as the military or apprenticeship programs. The O*NET Career Exploration Tools can also provide direction for clients making a transition or exploring new career options. These tools help clients assess their occupational interests, values, and abilities and link the client to occupations that relate to their personal profile.

How can my state's workforce development community get training in O*NET OnLine?

Visit the O*NET Academy external site for information on online courses, tutorials, and webinars.

Where can I find wage and employment outlook information in O*NET OnLine?

Each occupational report within O*NET OnLine includes national wage and employment projection information: wage, employment, projected growth, and projected need. In addition, state specific information is available via a direct link to CareerOneStop external site.

In O*NET OnLine, where can I find the strength ratings as found in the DOT?

The information in the O*NET Database does not include the "sedentary", "light", "medium", "heavy", and "very heavy" strength ratings used in the DOT. However, there are numerous variables relating to physical requirements, including Gross Body Coordination, Dynamic Strength, and Static Strength. Much of this information is provided in the "Abilities" section of the O*NET OnLine occupational reports, with the most detailed information available by choosing the "Details" or "Custom" report option. O*NET information is intended for use in career exploration, and should not be interpreted as requirements for any specific employer-employee situation.

We would like to provide a link to O*NET OnLine from our website. Do you require permission?

Permission is not required for your link to either the O*NET Resource Center or the O*NET OnLine websites, as long as the link follows the terms and conditions set out in the O*NET Database Products User Agreement.