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General How can I use O*NET information and tools to define a job in my company?

O*NET has more than 275 standardized descriptors of skills, knowledges, tasks, occupation requirements, and worker abilities, interests and values to assist you in building accurate job descriptions. Companies can use the O*NET Questionnaires to apply O*NET descriptors to their own particular situation. O*NET information and tools can help identify important elements of a job for developing or choosing training materials. You can use O*NET information to identify skill requirements to align job needs with more qualified applicants. Further, O*NET information and tools can help define success factors for promotion and advancement. Read more about using O*NET information in the Human Resource Management section of this website and in the O*NET Toolkit for Business.

General I am looking for a crosswalk from one job classification system to another. Can you help?

O*NET OnLine contains crosswalks between the O*NET-SOC and the Classification of Instructional Programs (CIP), Dictionary of Occupational Titles (DOT), Military Occupational Classification (MOC), Occupational Outlook Handbook (OOH), Registered Apprenticeship Partners Information Data System (RAPIDS), and Standard Occupational Classification (SOC).

Database When and how was the information in the O*NET Database collected?

In order to keep the O*NET Database updated, the National Center for O*NET Development has an ongoing data collection program aimed at identifying and maintaining current information on the characteristics of workers and occupations. The information that populates the O*NET Database is collected from three primary sources: job incumbents, occupational experts, and occupational analysts. See O*NET Data Collection for an overview of the project, or visit the Data Collection Program external site website. For a listing of occupations with updated data along with the date they were last updated, see Occupations Populated with Updated Data.

Database Is there a Spanish-language version of the O*NET Database?

Yes, a Spanish-language version of the O*NET database has been developed. For more information about or to download this database, visit the Developer's Corner. In addition, a Spanish-language version of the data collection surveys is also available; see O*NET Questionnaires.

OnLine What features does O*NET OnLine offer?

O*NET OnLine has the following functions and features:

  • Interactive web access to all the occupational information in the O*NET Database
  • Web-based means new data, features, and functionality can be added without the user buying or downloading updates
  • Printable reports for the occupation of interest
  • Skills Search feature allows users to search for occupations that utilize selected skills
  • Crosswalks from O*NET-SOC to other classification systems
  • Accommodation features and information to assist in counseling people with disabilities in using O*NET OnLine
  • Enhanced search capabilities and features based largely on suggestions from O*NET OnLine users
  • Context-sensitive OnLine Help provides ready descriptions and explanations of site content and function
OnLine Where can I find wage and employment outlook information in O*NET OnLine?

Each occupational report within O*NET OnLine includes national wage and employment projection information: wage, employment, projected growth, and projected need. In addition, state specific information is available via a direct link to CareerOneStop external site.

Ability Profiler What abilities does the O*NET Ability Profiler measure?

The O*NET Ability Profiler measures 9 basic abilities related to the world of work. They include Verbal Ability, Arithmetic Reasoning, Computation, Spatial Ability, Form Perception, Clerical Perception, Motor Coordination, Manual Dexterity, and Finger Dexterity. The O*NET Ability Profiler was developed and organized so users can identify occupations that fit their abilities.

Ability Profiler Is certification and/or training needed to administer the O*NET Ability Profiler?

Certification is not required. However, a trained administrator is very important to successful administration of the O*NET Ability Profiler. The O*NET Ability Profiler Administrator Training Manual is available for order from the U.S. Government Printing Office (866-512-1800) or by download from this website. All administrators should read and study the O*NET Ability Profiler Administrator Training Manual as well as the O*NET Ability Profiler Administration Manual. Information about webinars and other training is available from the O*NET Academy external site.