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O*NET® Interest Profiler™

The O*NET Interest Profiler (IP) is a family of self-assessment career exploration tools that can help clients discover the type of work activities and occupations that they would like and find exciting. Clients identify and learn about broad interest areas most relevant to themselves. They can use their interest results to explore the world of work.

A Spanish language version of the O*NET Interest Profiler Short Form, a vocational interest assessment, is available to customers free-of-charge via Mi Próximo Paso. Users receive an accurate, reliable profile of their vocational interests that:

  1. helps them identify their work-related interests,
  2. focuses career search activities, and
  3. enables them to link their vocational interests to O*NET-SOC occupations.

Take the Spanish language Interest Profiler now

For more information about the Interest Profiler Short Form, see the reports: