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O*NET® Ability Profiler™

The O*NET Ability Profiler (AP) is a career exploration tool that helps clients plan their work lives. The O*NET Ability Profiler uses a paper and pencil format with optional apparatus parts and computerized scoring. Individuals can use O*NET Ability Profiler results to:

  • identify their strengths and areas for which they might want to receive more training and education
  • identify occupations that fit their strengths

The AP provides two options for computerized scoring. Users can choose a scoring option with optical mark reading equipment or utilize an option that does not require optical mark reading equipment. (Non-scannable answer sheets are now available for users without optical mark reading equipment.)

To score the O*NET Ability Profiler, you will need the O*NET Ability Profiler Scoring Materials. This includes the Scoring Program Software (a Windows executable) and the Scoring Program User's Guide. Optional materials include a Data Entry program for entering responses without an optical scanner, non-scannable answer sheets, and pre-marked response sheets for calibrating scanning equipment.

Scoring Software and User's Guide — Version 4.2

The O*NET Ability Profiler Scoring Program Software uses Occupational Ability Profiles (OAPs) to relate the abilities of users completing the Ability Profiler Instrument with abilities important to performance in occupations. Beginning with Version 4.0, new OAPs have been developed that enable users to take advantage of the most up-to-date occupational information from the O*NET Data Collection Program in their career search, using their abilities to explore the world of work. Version 4.2 incorporates data from the O*NET 17.0 database.

For the new OAPs, O*NET descriptors were linked to the abilities measured by the O*NET Ability Profiler. The new OAPs differ from those used in the original scoring software and validation results indicate that they are more appropriate for matching individual scores on the Ability Profiler to occupations found in the O*NET system.

For further information about the OAP update, see Updating Occupational Ability Profiles with O*NET Content Model Descriptors.

The files for the O*NET Ability Profiler Scoring Program Software and Ability Profiler Scoring Program User's Guide are provided below to enable users to download and use the O*NET Ability Profiler Scoring Program Software. For questions regarding installation, refer to the installation instructions contained in the O*NET Ability Profiler Scoring Program User's Guide.

Scoring Program Software (includes User's Guide) (MSI - 26.2 MB) - version 4.2, updated February 2013
Scoring Program User's Guide (PDF - 1.5 MB)

Data Entry Program

The O*NET Ability Profiler Data Entry Program provides users a method for manually entering the responses from the O*NET Ability Profiler Answer Sheet and creating an input file that can be used by the O*NET Ability Profiler Scoring Software. The O*NET Data Entry Program has a user-friendly design with a verification process that helps users reduce the chance of data entry errors. This process aids in obtaining accurate results. While the use of a scanner is recommended, the O*NET Ability Profiler Data Entry Program provides an alternative method for entering data without the need for a scanner. Non-scannable answer sheets, suitable for use with the Ability Profiler Data Entry Program, are available for download.

Note: The link below is an executable program that can be run directly from your desktop. The easiest way to download it may be to right-click the link, choose "Save Target As...", and save the file to your desktop.

Ability Profiler Data Entry Program (EXE - 6.1 MB) - version 1.1, released November 2011
Ability Profiler Data Entry Help Files (ZIP - 12 KB)
Answer Sheet for Manual Data Entry (PDF - 309 KB)

Response Sheets for Calibration

Pre-marked response sheets are available for calibrating the Ability Profiler scoring components. To order online from the U.S. Government Printing Office (GPO) external site, simply click on the links below. Orders may also be placed by telephone (202/512-1800), fax (202/512-2250), at any GPO Bookstore, or by mail at: Superintendent of Documents, P.O. Box 371954, Pittsburgh, PA 15250-7954. Note that prices include shipping.

  1. Pre-marked Response Sheets for Scoring Calibration (out of stock)
    These two Ability Profiler answer sheets are used to insure the Ability Profiler Scoring Program and other scoring components are functioning properly.

An envelope cover for the response sheets is available for download below. For more information, please see Ability Profiler File Descriptions (PDF - 82 KB).

for individual viewing and printing
Print Shop
for professional reproduction

Envelope - Pre-marked Response Sheets for Scoring Calibration (PDF - 29 KB)

Envelope - Pre-marked Response Sheets for Scoring Calibration (ZIP - 192 KB)

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